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Welcome to HEYDAY RECORDS, the label side of our events company.  We are an artist run label established in 1988.  Our email address is:  We do not use any other email address for correspondence with artists.  The purpose of Heyday as a label is to remain independent as seen through the artists eyes.  Throughout the years, we have sadly seen many artists get taken advantage of in so many different ways. For those wanting advice as to how to get into the business: Rule number #1 is to NEVER PAY someone to sign you to a label. Instead, get out there write and record great music, play live, build a fanbase and keep doing it. When a label is ready to sign you,  the label will be the company who invests in you.


We are primarily an alternative, indie rock, surf and rockabilly label that (due to Covid-19) is only semi-operational at the moment (we are too busy bringing live events back to life). Although several of us at the label do enjoy Hip-Hop and Rap music, we are NOT a Hip-Hop or Rap label. Please do not solicit us for that style as it will not work through our marketing and distribution engines. 

If you are an indie rock, surf and rockabilly artist, we are NOT currently accepting any new artists. 

Thank you, play the music and may you have continued blue skies,

Robert Rankin Walker

Heyday Records, May 2021

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