Heyday Records is an independent record label founded in 1988. Once hailed by ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE as "one of the ten most adventurous small labels in the world."

The Forty Nineteens
Gino and the Lone Gunmen
The Barstow Profits
Marty Willson Piper (The Church, All About Eve, The Saints)
David J (Bauhaus / Love & Rockets)
Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel)
The Surfaris ("Wipeout" / "Surfer Joe")
The Duo Tones
The Aqua Velvets
Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys
Dave and Deke Combo
Tommy Tutone ("867-5309")
Penelope Houston (The Avengers)
Viva Saturn
Chris Cacavas
Phoenix Thunderstone
Barbara Manning
Pretty Pop
The Girlfriend Experience
John Blakely (Endless Summer soundtrack) / Jeff Larson
Highway Matrons
Pounding Birds
Bedlam Rovers
Baby Snufkin
...and countless others (over 100 Full Length, EP'S and Compilations) over almost over the past 28 years.




Engineered & Produced by: 

Craig Randall (Craig Randall Music) and Robert Rankin Walker

Due out in December 2018,  stream the album or get the CD with expanded artwork and liner notes at: www.heyday.com


In reference to his album THE SUN MACHINE IS COMING DOWN, veteran record and concert producer ROBERT RANKIN WALKER has been asked this question a lot lately, “Why Now?”  Why after so many years is he recording an album?


“I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some of the best in the business for many years now but every time I’ve had the least bit of inspiration for my own music, I would write a song or two and then never record them. Most songs I just let die on the vine.”


In 2018, out of nowhere, Robert had a sudden desire to write again. “I’d been listening a lot to artists such as Ben Harper, Donavon Frankenreiter, Ryan Adams, City And Colour, and Roxy Music. I decided I wanted to write an album that was nothing like any of my previous work. Something lyrically challenging, meaningful and more grounded. I wrote several songs back to back and revisited some other songs that I had once jotted down or had made iPhone recordings of.”


He continues; “The more I played the new songs, the more interested I became in recording a concept album that told a story. So I changed direction. Every song on this album ties into one another one to tell a story. I picked a couple obscure covers to weave in and dropped the older songs altogether.”


The resulting THE SUN MACHINE IS COMING DOWN, explores the complex nature of unreciprocated love, loss, pain, guilt and ultimately, redemption. The longing for more than this in an often confusing, conflicted world.


Having already lived what seems like several lifetimes, ROBERT RANKIN WALKER says on the album, he can “toss a few. His album, THE SUN MACHINE IS COMING DOWN is available on streaming services such as: Spotify, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, Google Music, Amazon Music, Napster, Pandora and YouTube as well as on physical CD with expanded artwork and liner notes.


Details and to order the album go to: www.heyday.com

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